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How to create automations for when cards leave a phase
How to create automations for when cards leave a phase

When a card leaves a phase, set up an automation to send an email, update a record, and much more.

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🔐 Available for all plans

👤 For super admins, company admins, and pipe admins

🎯 For those who want to create automations for well-built existing processes

In Pipefy, you can create specific automations whenever cards leave a phase. You can set up this automation for a variety of scenarios, such as when a request is complete and you want to send an automated email to the requester after the card enters the final phase.

Another common scenario is alerting people in connected processes. For example, during the Employee Offboarding process, people in the security team pipe can be automatically notified after an employee returns their belongings and their card leaves the Employee Equipment Return phase in the HR pipe.

How to create the automation

To get started, click on the Automate button located in the upper right corner of the pipe. Then, click Create Automation.

On the left side, choose the option A card leaves a phase. Next, select the desired pipe and phase. For example, in this scenario, we want to send automated emails after cards leave the Backlog phase of a request management process.

On the right side, choose the automation action. There are several options, like sending an email template, moving a card, updating a card or record, and creating a card or record.

Select whatever makes sense for the scenario you are building. For demo purposes, let's choose Send an email template.

After selecting the send-an-email action, you have to choose the previously created email template. The automation configuration is displayed as the following:

Next, click Create Automation, then name and save it. Now, whenever cards leave the “Backlog” phase of a request management process, an email template will be sent automatically.

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