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With the advanced SLA rules in Pipefy, you gain greater control and reliability over operational data and provide better request status visibility for requesters.

This feature offers the options to:

  • Exclude holidays from the SLA countdown

  • Set working hours

  • Adjust deadlines for different time zones

It's worth noting that you can also set alerts for due dates that consider only weekdays. Learn how to set up alerts in the pipe.

How to apply Advanced SLA rules

To use advanced SLA rules, you’ll need to create an automation.

To to this, open the pipe and click Automation.

Then, click Create automation.

First, select an event: what will trigger the email?

For example, you can choose Every time… a card is created.

Next, select Apply SLA rules as an action and set up the automation rules.

A list field entitled Work week will appear. To set the days and working hours your task requires, simply select them from that list below, and fill in the hours that your team operates. Only those specified periods of time will be taken into account in the SLA countdown.

You can also add holidays so that they are not considered in SLA countdowns. To do this, click Add holidays.

A new screen will appear. Once again, click on Add holidays and fill in the information for that holiday.

Repeat this process for each holiday. When you’re done, click Save.

The time zone will already be set according to your user settings, but if it is necessary to change it, click Timezone and select the zone closest to your location from the list.

In the Due Date destination field, select the due date field type from your pipe where you want to apply the SLA rules configured in this automation.

Next, in the Due Date Alert, set the final due date. Choose an initial date - when the card is created, for example - by clicking on the + button.

Then, specify the deadline (in minutes, hours, or days) by clicking on the calendar icon. In this example, the deadline would be 5 business hours after the card is created.

As a result, every time a card is created, the due date will be automatically updated to 5 business hours after creation, according to the predefined rules in the automation configuration.

Finally, click on Create Automation.

That’s it! Your configuration is done.

After following the steps we’ve outlined here, you’ll have an optimized and accurate SLA that reflects your team’s customized schedule, increasing customer and stakeholder satisfaction and boosting your control and visibility over the operational efficiency of your team.

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