A public form is a public representation of a pipe's start form (click here to learn more about what a public form is and how it works).

Pipefy offers a few customization options to make your public form match your company's visual ID, such as the example below:

How to customize a public form?

Customizing your public form is really easy. The first thing you need to do is click the "share" button on your start form (the same one you click to make the form shareable) and a pop-up window will appear.

Click on "click here to customize your public form" to access the public form customization options.

There are quite a few options to customize your public form:

1. Form image: This is the image that appears in the box marked with number 1. You can use it to upload your logo or any other image that relates directly to the form. You can crop and/or resize the image you upload within Pipefy;

2. Form title: It's your form's title. If you leave this option blank Pipefy will automatically display your company's name;

3. Form description: Use the form's description to tell people more about this form or provide instructions about it;

4. Button title: The words in the button at the bottom of your form;

5. Brand color: Your brand color will be displayed in the form's button and/or the form title (if you leave it blank);

6. Background: Use this option to customize the background of your public form's page. 

You can choose a solid color as your form's background and/or use an image. When using a solid color you can choose from the available colors or create your own:

When using an image you can also choose from the available options (powered by Unsplash):

7. Submitted message: This is the message that appears once people click your form's button to submit the information;

8. Show Pipefy branding: Pipefy enterprise plan allows you to choose the option of showing (or not) the "powered by Pipefy" icon on the lower right corner of the form's page;

9. Show a "submit another response button": Choose this option if you want to display a button along with the submitted message so users can submit another response to your form;

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