Important: Only company admins can access company settings to edit them.

To open your company settings, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen, then on 'company settings'.

Once inside the company settings, here's what you'll see:

In the header you'll have three options to access the different tabs where you can edit your:

This is what you can customize in your Company settings:

  • Company name: Choose the name that best represents your company;
  • Company logo: Upload your company logo to replace Pipefy's in the upper left corner;
  • Theme color: Change the color of your company header (the same color will be displayed across all pipes in your company);
  • Settings: Determine who can invite members to this company as well as who can create pipes in it;
  • Single sign-on: Determine if you’d like your company members to login using their Google accounts.

In the Billing tab you can see and edit your billing and payment information, as well as access all your Company's invoices.

In the Email settings tab you can access the Email messaging set up to enable/disable the feature in your company's pipes.

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