Share forms with guests

Allow customers, suppliers, and people from other teams to open cards in a pipe.

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Invite all your stakeholders to join your processes in Pipefy, so they can create cards in chosen forms and make requests.

We've got 2 role levels designed for guests:

  • Company guests: intended for internal clients, such as employees.

  • External guests: intended for external clients, such as suppliers, costumer, etc.

To share forms with them, go to pipe's settings, and in the authorizations section, choose who can create cards on this pipe and track status:

  • Administrators, members, and company guests, or

  • External guests

Sharing forms through Company Settings

There is another way to manage the forms your external guest will have access to:

Click on your profile picture and go to account preferences.

In Company Settings, look for the option: Forms allowed to External Guests.

Click on Add forms and use the search bar to look for the desired option. You can add more than one.

Save it and you're ready to go!

To stop sharing a form, click on the X button right next to the form's name.

When you complete this setup, your external guests will be able to find the selected forms on their homepage when they sign into Pipefy.

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