How to customize the public form

Modify colors, title, description, and button text. Add a background and your company's logo in your pipe's public form.

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Before setting a form as public and sharing with stakeholders, you can customize its appearance to match your company's visual identity.

Open your pipe and click on the Form button. Here you'll find your start form. Every change you make here will also be reflected in the public phase forms.

Click Edit and select Public View.

In the public view, you can:

1. Enable or disable the public form, and copy the form link to share it.

2. Add a logo or any other image that’s relevant to the form. It’s also possible to crop and/or resize the image.

3. Add a title to the form. If you leave this option blank, Pipefy will display your company name automatically.

4. Insert a description to tell others more about the form or provide instructions for filling out the form.

5. Modify the title of the “Send” button. Notice: It is not possible to change the confirmation message yet.

6. Customize the form with your brand's colors. This will be reflected in the form's button and the form’s title (only if you leave it blank).

7. Set a background. This can be a color or an image provided by Unsplash, a free high-resolution image source.

8. Enable the request tracker. This gives requesters access to their card’s status through a link sent via email.

9. Show or hide the Pipefy logo. This feature is only available for Enterprise plans.

10. Allow more than one submission. Enabling this allows users to submit more than one response. The “submit another response” option is featured in the submission confirmation message. along with the submitted message.

11. Autofill information based on previous submissions, like name, email, or phone number.

Insert a message or image

To insert a message or link, use the Dynamic content field.

Change from Public View to Build form.

Drag and drop the Dynamic content field into the form.

Type your message, add your link, and save.

📌 To insert an image, drag and drop the Dynamic content field into the form or use an existing Dynamic content field. Right-click on the image you want to add, and copy and paste the selected image into the Dynamic content field.

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