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How to hide fields on forms with conditional rules
How to hide fields on forms with conditional rules

Show or hide specific fields in forms when a person selects a particular option.

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Who can use this feature?

  • Paid users (Business, Enterprise or Unlimited plans)

Who can set it up?

  • Pipe admins only

What should I know before getting started?

How forms, fields, and conditionals work on Pipefy

In Pipefy forms, each question corresponds to a field. If you're a paid user, you can add field conditionals to display or hide questions in forms when a person selects a particular option.

This feature lets you show respondents specific fields based on their previous answers.

For example:

In a multiple-choice question, if someone marks the option "other", a long text field appears so they can provide comments.

If they mark any other option besides "other," the long text field won’t appear.

It's possible to set a single conditional or multiple ones to show or hide the same field according to different answers. More instructions on this below.

Field conditionals step by step

The first thing you have to do is to open the form editor.

  • If you are working on a Start Form, click on the form button at the pipe's header, then on edit.

  • If you are working on a Phase Form, move the cursor over the phase you want to edit and click on the gear button.

Then, select the option field conditionals, and click on add conditional.

Now, let's set the scenario: select the field and the option that will trigger this new rule.

Next, choose which field you want to show or hide if the scenario HAPPENS.

The last step is to select which field you want to show or hide if the scenario DOES NOT HAPPEN.

When you're ready, click on add field conditional, give it a name, and save it.


In a Reimbursement Process, a manager has to approve requests.

So, we share a form with the manager asking whether it's approved or not. Every time the request is rejected, they will have to explain why.

Therefore, the scenario is:

  • The field "Do you approve the reimbursement?" IS EQUALS TO "no".

And actions are:

  • If the scenario HAPPENS (if the answer is "no") SHOW the field "why not?"

  • If the scenario DOESN'T HAPPEN (if the answer is "yes") HIDE the field "why not?

Setting up multiple scenarios

Show or hide fields using the options:

  • AND: when all scenarios have to happen to trigger the action

  • OR: when one of the scenarios is sufficient to trigger the action

For example, in a Purchase Process, if the request is greater than $1,000 AND wasn't approved; OR, if the purchase is from the Engineering area, AND wasn't approved, then show the "rejection reason" field.

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