What is the PDF generator

Create templates to generate PDFs with the data from your cards.

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Use Pipefy's PDF Generator to share information from a card for people who don't have access to your pipe.

Here are some examples of when you may want to use this tool:

  • Creating an invoice for a customer

  • Summarizing a user's request

  • Generating an audit trail of the activities performed during a process

📌 Only pipe admins and pipe members can generate PDFs on Pipefy. Restricted view, read-only, and start forms are not able to generate PDFs.

Check out one of the most common applications for PDF Generator in Pipefy:

  • Finance:

The PDF Generator is helpful for finance teams, especially if you want to save time and automatically generate Purchase Orders with the information contained in the pipe’s cards.

This way, you’ll generate info from your Purchasing Process in a matter of seconds, being able to share this document with people inside or outside the company. It’s simple, fast, and efficient.

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