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How to generate and download a PDF?


Before being able to generate a PDF from your pipe, the pipe admin needs to create a PDF template and publish it for use.

Once a PDF template is published, the PDF top button will appear on all cards in the pipe and only users with pipe admin or pipe member permission can generate and download a PDF from any card.

Restricted view, read-only and start form only permissions don't have access to this feature and are not allowed to generate PDFs.

1. Open a card in your pipe.

2. Click on the PDF top button. 

3. You should see a list of PDF templates. Click on the PDF template you want to use. (image of card with PDF top button with menu and templates)

4. A preview of the PDF will be created. Please note, the preview does not show page breaks. The page breaks will be inserted when the PDF is downloaded. 

5. Click on the download button to save the PDF to your computer. 

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