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Attention! Pipefy doesn't currently support attaching an actual file to an email template.

You can, however, use dynamic content to send a URL so the users can download it. To do so, you'll need to have an attachment type field to be used as dynamic content.

Then, you'll access the email templates settings by clicking in the tools icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then on email templates to edit an existing template or create a new one.

Once inside the email template editor, roll down until you find the dynamic content box.

In the entity menu you'll select the phase in which the attachment field is in, such as start form. Then on property you'll select the name of your attachment field. Then, copy and paste the handlebars where you want the file URL to appear in the email body.

The attachment URL will look like this in the email body:

If you'd rather add it as a hyperlink, you can use either markdown or html to add the file to the email body. 

IMPORTANT: hyperlinks only work when there's only one file in the attachment field. In case there are multiple files, only the first one will be linked to.

To add the hyperlink to the attachment field using dynamic content you can use:

  • Markdown: [Hyperlink text] ({{phaseXXXXX.fieldXXXXX}}) > simply removing the space in between the elements;
  • Html: <a href="{{phaseXXXXX.fieldXXXXX}}">Hyperlink text</a>

Click here to learn more about other markdown/html options for formatting email templates.

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