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Send emails directly from Pipefy, and use Email Templates to standardize and simplify your communication.

You can add dynamic fields to emails and adapt the message according to a card's information. You can also automate shipping, creating a more intelligent, and error-proof process.

In this article, you will learn how to set email automations using Email Templates.

Creating email automations

To create email automations, you must be a pipe admin and go to the automations page inside the pipe.

Click on Create new automation.

Choose an event: what will trigger the action.

🔔 Attention: All events can be selected to trigger email automation, except for the "Recurring Activity." If you choose the event "When a card leaves a phase," the only possible action is to "Send an Email Template."

Then, select Send an email as an action, and choose the Email Template you want to use in this automation.

To create a new Email Template or edit an existing one, click on Create new email template (see more instructions below).

Click on Create automation, give it a name, and save.

How to set an Email Template to an automation

To edit a pre-existing template, click on the three dots button, and select Edit template. Modify what you need and save.

After that, you will go back to the editing automations page.

To build an Email Template from scratch, click on Create new template.

In the email builder, you can choose the email's name, the destination addresses (CC or BCC), the subject, and the message itself. If you enter a nonexistent address, the field will turn red to alert you.

To fill the fields with Phases and Card's information, add dynamic content.

📌 You can do it in all fields, except the template's title.

📌If you prefer, select an existing Email Template, modify it, and save it as a new one. Just click on Save as.

Canned responses can also be used in the email builder and can be placed as the body text, separated by subjects. If you don't have any canned responses, you can write the message body text from scratch.

In the visual editor, you can view the email exactly as the recipient will receive it. Here, you can customize the message with dynamic content in an easy and fast way. If you prefer, you can also view the entire content of the email in HTML code.

You can add images, lists, tables, links, lines, change the font colors, align and justify the text, and much more through the email editor. After creating the email template, save it and set it for automation if you have not already selected a template to use.

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