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How to set email template automations
How to set email template automations

Create automations to share forms and information from a process through Pipefy email tools.

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Send automated emails every time a card moves to a phase, a field is updated, or another event happens in your pipe.

Before you start:

  • Verify if you have access to the automation page. If you have not, ask the company admin to give you this permission through the Admin Dashboard.

  • You have to know how to create an email template. You'll need it during this setup.

Create email automations

Open the pipe and click on Automate.

Click on Create new automation.

First, select an event: what triggers the email.

For example: every time a card enters a phase.

Next, select send an email template as the action.

Then, select a pre-existing email template, or create a new one.

📌 Find detailed instructions on how to create email templates.

Click on Create automation, give it a name, and save.

Prepare your email template

Starting from scratch

If you need to create a new email template, make sure to insert:

  • Who is sending the message (From name)

  • An email for people to reply to (From email)

  • Who will receive your email (To email)

  • The subject

  • And the message

📌 Pro tip: customize your message by adding dynamic fields (variables). They will automatically fill your text with information from the start form or previous phases.

Click on the plus sign button and select the option.

Ensure your cards are correctly filled, so the receivers get the whole message. Otherwise, it will be blank, and your message will be incomplete.

How to edit existing email templates

If you choose a pre-existing email template and you wish to modify it, is not possible to do it through the automations page. Click on the email tab, and select My templates.

Click on the three dots button next to the template you want to change. Select Edit template.

Make the adjustments and save.

Go back to the automations tab and set it up.


How many emails I can send with an automation?

Each Pipefy plan has a limit for automation jobs, that is, the number of automations triggered per card in all of your company's pipes.

Therefore, you can set an email automation to send a message to up to 10 different addresses, and it will count as a single automation job.

The number of automation jobs according to the plan is:

Starter (Free)




Automation jobs per month





How to set an email automation to share forms?

  • To share a start form:

Go to the pipe and click on Form.

Then, make the form public and copy its link.

Go back to the email editor, and paste the link:

  • To share a phase form:

While setting the automation, select when a card enters a phase as event, and the phase with the form you want to share.

Select send an email template as action, and, when typing your message add the dynamic field: current phase link.

It will look like this:

Save your email template, your automation, and you're ready to go!

How to send an email always on the same date?

First, you will set relative date automation, then a second automation to trigger the email every time the due date field is updated.

How to customize my email address?

It will require SMTP configuration. This feature is only available for Enterprise and Unlimited plans.

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