How to manage automations in Pipefy

Gain visibility of all automations inside your pipe in a single place

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Automations are one of the most powerful features in Pipefy since they cut out manual tasks such as filling and moving cards or sending emails.

To visualize and manage automations in a pipe, click on Automate.

The first thing you will see is all the automations rules that you've created, divided into two columns.

To find a specific automation job, you can do research using the status filter. Choose "enabled" to see all active automations and "disabled" to see the inactive ones.

Notice that each automation rule has a switch button. When it is green, it means that the automation is on; and when it is gray, it is off.

You can also arrange your automations by name (in alphabetical order, ascending or descending), newest created, or oldest created.

📌 On the automations page, you can only access those inside the chosen pipe. To visualize all automations from all your company's lines, you must be an administrator of the organization. Learn more about company members and permissions.

It's also possible to duplicate an automation. Click on the three dots button, besides each automation rule, then select Duplicate.

After that, a new automation is instantly created based on the first's parameters. It will be disabled to avoid conflicts between the original and the new one. Make the adjustments needed, save it, and activate it by clicking on the switch button.

📌 Attention: Consider the number of automation jobs while setting up automation rules. Each Pipefy plan has its automation job limits. Learn how Pipefy counts automations in your plan.

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