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How to pre-fill specific form fields in portals
How to pre-fill specific form fields in portals
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Portal is a Pipefy feature that gathers different public forms to centralize and better organize information. This way, it is possible to create Portals for specific departments and facilitate requesters' access to forms. Besides creating a Portal by departments, you can also pre-fill some form fields and customize the experience even more.

This is especially useful if you have a Recruitment Portal, for example, where the opportunity field can be pre-filled in advance so that all job positions appear with their respective job title directly on the Portal.

There are several other possibilities, such as different types of expenses for a finance pipe, specific demands for marketing requests, various maintenance requests for the facilities team and much more. This way, the requester fills fewer fields and you avoid the incorrect filling of information.

How to set up pre-filling

To pre-fill fields in a Portal, simply go to the Portal page and click on the button to add a new form. Just below the form’s title, you will find the option to pre-fill fields.

Click on the button to be redirected to the form page and then pre-fill in the desired fields. After filling in the fields, click the Pre-filled fields button to save your changes.

🔔 Attention! These are the types of fields that can be pre-filled at the moment: short text, long text, dropdown select, phone, numeric, radio select, email, label, and checkbox.

It’s done! Now, when people access this Portal, they will see all the forms arranged with specific information already pre-filled by you. This way, it is easier to open requests and organize the Portal page, ensuring a more standardized, intelligent, and fluid process within Pipefy.

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