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Centralize all orders you receive in your company or department in one place, share with all of your requesters and customize your interface with help texts.

This way, your requesters can always submit complete requests, helping you avoid rework and wasting time.

Pipefy's portals allow you to group forms from your team's pipes (processes) in a very organized way.

Check out some of the most common applications for Portals in Pipefy:

  • Human Resources:

It’s possible to gather different HR processes, such as Requests, Job Openings, and Employee Onboarding in the same place with Portals.

This can be particularly useful for HR Requests if you have several pipes for specific demands, such as Vacation Requests, Payroll, and Benefits, etc. This way, users won’t have to go to different places or save numerous links to open requests for the HR team.

  • Finance:

Portals are a great feature for Finance Teams because they can gather in a single place all requests common for Finance, such as Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Expenses Reimbursements. This is great for requesters in general since they won’t need to go to different places or save numerous links to open requests for the team.

Through Portals, it's possible to enable greater organization and centralization of information to all your company members. You can even share Portals with people that don’t have access to Pipefy, so all communication between requesters, suppliers, and clients will be improved.

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