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Pipefy White Label: Increase the presence of your company’s brand in Pipefy
Pipefy White Label: Increase the presence of your company’s brand in Pipefy
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🔐 Available on Enterprise plans

🎯 For those who want to increase the presence of their company’s brand in Pipefy

Content Summary:

The new White Label feature gives you the tools to manage your company’s branding in the Pipefy platform.

📢 Keep in mind: This feature is only available for Enterprise plan subscribers.

Introducing our latest innovation: the White Label solution. This is the first step toward a totally customizable Pipefy platform.

You can currently enhance your company’s brand presence in the platform and portals of Pipefy. In the future, however, you will have the ability to completely customize your company’s Pipefy experience!

Customize your organization's environment

You can add your company logo to your business’ Pipefy environment and hide the Pipefy branding.

  1. To do this, click Account preferences.

  2. Then click Company Settings.

  3. To add a logo, click Choose an image and retrieve the image of your choice in JPG, PNG or GIF format.

  4. Lastly, enable or disable the option Pipefy branding to choose whether or not the Pipefy logo will be visible in your company’s environment.

That’s it! The logo will now move from the top right of the page to the top left side, replacing Pipefy’s logo.

Customizable portals

You can also hide the term Powered by Pipefy at the bottom of your portals.

  1. To do this, access Customize on the left side, right below the description of the portal.

  2. After that, you will see the Pipefy branding option, which allows you to activate or deactivate Pipefy’s brand in your portals.

  3. Enable or disable this option according to your preferences. If deactivated, the term Powered by Pipefy will no longer appear in the portal.

That’s it! Your portals are now customized to your business’ branding.

Personalizable forms

You can personalize forms with your business’ branding. To do this:

  1. Click Form, and then Edit.

  2. Next, go to Public View.

  3. On the left side, you will see the option Pipefy’s branding, enable or disable this option as you want.

If you activate this option, the term Powered by Pipefy will remain showing up at the bottom of the page along with the message indicated in the image below:

If you turn off this option, the message related to Pipefy and the term Powered by Pipefy will be hided and just the information of your company will show up, as illustrated below:

That’s it! After all these changes, you can already enjoy a much more personalized platform.

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