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Click on the Members button, located in the upper right corner.

Select Invite team members.

Type the email address of the person you want to invite, and click Add.

The next step is to set the role level. Click on the dropdown menu and select the best option.

There are 4 company permission levels:

  • Administrator

  • Member

  • Company Guest

  • External Guest

Click on Invite, and you're good to go!

The person you've invited will receive a link in their email and will be able to set up their own login credentials.

📌 Only admins, and members (if allowed) can add new people to the company's account.

Pipefy's Business, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans are based on the number of administrators and members. Each new admin or member generates a new charge.

If you use Pipefy's Starter plan, you're limited to up to 10 users, and can not add guest users. Learn more about Pipefy's Pricing Policies.

If you prefer, connect Pipefy to Azure Active Directory to manage your company members and permissions.

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