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Differences between company guest and external guest
Differences between company guest and external guest

Learn which permission level you should give to your stakeholders.

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In Pipefy, you can define who joins your processes, inviting people to participate in one or more pipes or to all your company's activities.

We got different users types, each one of them with a different permission level:

  • Administrator

  • Member

  • Company Guest

  • External Guest

While the Administrator option gives full access to all your company's pipes, databases, automations, reports, and settings, the Member option gives limited access.

These users can only see and access public pipes, and private pipes to which they were added. In these pipes, they will be able to open cards, edit phases, create automations, generate reports, and work with databases.

Guest Users can not see and join any pipe, but they can see and use its forms and open cards — as long as the Administrator gives them access.

This is a great option when you need to receive requests or collect data from employees, suppliers, or customers. Use private forms in these cases, as you do not want these people to have access to the information or the process itself.

Besides, this makes your workflow even more agile, safe, and collaborative.

Which guest permission should I choose?

To answer this question, let's define the main differences between these permissions:

Company Guests can create new pipes by default. When this happens, they automatically become pipe members.

This permission level is more appropriate to employees, for example.

Administrators can disable this option in the company settings at any time.

External Guests can not create pipes or become company members. That's why this role level is more accurate to suppliers, clients, and other company stakeholders.

📌Pipefy's Business, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans are based on the number of administrators and members. Each new admin or member generates a new charge.

If you use Pipefy's Starter plan, you're limited to up to 10 users (all of them as admins), and can not add guest users. Learn more about Pipefy's Pricing Policies.

Looking for more tips? Take Pipefy University's free courses to learn how to use all of Pipefy's features, and don't forget to join Pipefy's Community to share ideas and give feedback on our product.

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