What is a pipe object?

Name the cards you manage in a pipe.

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Pipe objects are what you manage in a pipe.

Instead of cards, your demands can be any other name you would like to give them. They can be, for example:

  • Tickets on a Customer Support helpdesk

  • Orders in a Purchase process

  • Candidates in a Recruitment process

  • Requests on a Request Management dashboard

Or anything else you manage in your process.

Pipe objects enable your stakeholders to better identify what type of request they're submitting to your team. Also, for your team to spot their respective demands while dealing with many pipes.

How to create a pipe object?

Before adding pipe objects, ensure you have the Admin permission.

You can view your pipe objects:

On your company's homepage, in the My pipes section.

On the header of a pipe, between the pipe's name and the database connection.

  1. To add or modify an existing pipe item, click on the gear icon, on the pipe's header.

2. Then, select the option Pipe settings.

3. On the Pipe settings page, access the Pipe Object field.

4. Then, type in what you would like to manage and you're done. Settings update automatically.

As your finish, the pipe object will appear on the pipe's header. And, on the homepage, it will appear on your pipes list.

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