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Learn how to modify a pipe's Start Form and the fields in it.

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To start, click on the create card button to access the Start Form settings.

The title of this button may vary according to the process.

Inside the Start Form, find the button Edit form and click on it.

📌 Remember: You must be the admin of a pipe to edit the form. Learn more about pipe's members and permissions.

Another option is to (1) click on the Form button, located in the header of the pipe. Then, (2) click on Edit. With this, you can access the same editing interface.

In these form settings, you can add fields by clicking on each field format and dragging and dropping them to the canvas. Name the fields as you prefer, rearrange them on the form, edit or delete fields that are not needed, and customize the form according to your needs.

Click on the Advanced Options button, located in the upper right corner of the editing screen, to edit:

  • Start Form title: The title displayed when users open your pipe's form.

  • Create card button text: The text in the create card button (displayed at the bottom of the form).

  • Card title: Select one of your form's fields to be used as the title of your cards.

🔔 Attention: Changing the field title will not modify the title of previous cards. The new setting will only apply to new cards, created after the modification. Previously created cards need to be modified manually.

You can also add new fields to your Start Form by clicking on the button + to customize these phase fields.

Choose a form field, edit it, and save.

To edit fields, click on the three dots next to the field's name and on Edit this field.

Don't forget to save after you're done editing your field!

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