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How to modify company settings
How to modify company settings

Customize your company's details in Pipefy.

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🔐 Available on all plans

🎯 For those who want to customize and set up their company in Pipefy

⏩ TL;DR:

Modify your company settings to customize things with your company’s brand and to have more control over your company’s processes:

  • Alter the name of your company and add the logo.

  • Turn timers on or off for all the cards in your pipes.

  • Define which forms external guests will have access to.

  • Learn how to delete your company.

How to access your company settings

There are two ways to access your company’s Pipefy settings:

  1. Click on the name of your company or your profile image at the top of the page.

A.) Access Account preferences and click Company settings.


B.) Access the Admin dashboard and click Company settings.

📢Keep in mind: The admin dashboard is only available for companies with an active plan. Learn how admin dashboards work.

What you can alter in the company settings

In Company settings, you can alter the name, logo, and other process information like timers and forms received by external guests.

Don’t forget to click Save at the end of the page when you finish the changes.

Company name

You can change the name of your company in Pipefy. It’s located at the top of the screen in portals and forms. Make sure to choose a name that allows everyone to easily identify your company.

Company logo

You can add your company’s logo in Pipefy using JPG, GIF or PNG files that are up to 2MB in size. It’s located at the top of the screen in portals and forms.

Adjust the width and height of the image using the editing page.


Enable timers on card

Enable or disable timers in your company’s cards. Timers indicate how long a card will remain in the pipe, its phase, and the most recent update (including updated fields, received or sent emails, and comments).

📢Keep in mind: Disabling a timer will affect all of your company’s processes in Pipefy. The card’s information will not be lost, but the card will not appear in the company pipes anymore.

Forms allowed to the external guests

You can choose which forms external guests will have access to as they open requests. Learn how to share forms with guests.

Activate Single Sign-on (SSO)

Only companies with Enterprise plans can activate this single sign-on option. Learn how to enable and use Enterprise Single Sign-On.

Delete the company

Only users with super admin permissions and company admins can delete the company, which deletes all pipes, cards, and users associated with the account.

📢Keep in mind: Once you delete the company, you cannot recover your data. Take care not to execute this action without considering the consequences.

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