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In Pipefy, a company is made up of users, pipes (processes), and databases. It connects everyone who is part of the organization, and divides them into teams to work on specific processes and tasks.

In paid plans, each user has a different permission level and access to particular pipes.

The admin user, by default, is the person in charge of designating permission levels and the only one able to access company settings. Admin can allow others to access these settings through the Admin Portal.

How to access company settings

Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen, then on Account preferences.

Select the Company Settings tab in the header.

What can I modify in company settings?

In this page, is possible to:

  • Change your company's name

  • Enable timers on cards, which shows how long a card has been in a pipe, in a phase, and when it was last updated.

  • Forms external guests have access to

  • Enable the Single Sign-on

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