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To access your company settings, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen, then on Account preferences.

Select the Company Settings tab in the header.

📌 Note: Only company administrators can access company settings. Learn more about company members and permissions.

This is what you can customize in your Company Settings:

  • Company name: Choose the name that best represents your company.

  • Company logo: Upload your company logo to replace Pipefy's in the upper left corner of all screens.

  • Settings: Define who can invite members to this company. If you select the option that enables only administrators to add users to the company, it'll also apply to your pipes and who can create Pipes in them.

  • Enable timer on cards: Select this option if you want to see how long a card has been in a Pipe, in a Phase, and when it was last updated.

  • Forms allowed to external guests: define which forms your external guests have access to create cards.

  • Single sign-on: Determine if you’d like your company members to log in using their Google accounts. Available for Enterprise clients only.

Admins can also modify:

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