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The process of customizing fields in a start form or in a phase form is very similar — and both are really easy to do.

In the start form, you have to open it and click on the Edit form button.

However, in the phase forms, vou have to first click on the three dots button (1), then click on the Edit phase (2).

On the left side of the screen, there is a menu with different field types. Click and drag the one you want to add to your form. Give it a title and save.

You can add a description under each field so your team knows exactly what they are supposed to do. And, you can mark fields as required so it will move to the next phase only if the field is filled.

How to edit an existing field

If you need to change a field that was already created, click on the Edit phase/Edit form button, then in the pencil-shaped button.

Edit what you need and click save.

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