How to add labels to cards automatically

Set an automation to insert labels in cards and identify them effortlessly.

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By adding labels to cards, you quickly identify priorities, statuses, and request categories, for example.

With automations, you can add labels to cards in bulk instead of doing it manually.


Open your pipe and click on Automate, and Create new automation.

Select an event: what will trigger your automation every time it happens in your pipe. For example, we’ll select the trigger “every time a card enters a phase.”

Then, select the action: what will happen next. Since we want to change a label, the action is Update field.

Choose the field where the label is, and the title you want to add.

Click on create automation, give it a name, and save.

Use cases

Lead qualification

Add a "hot" label every time a lead is sales ready.

  • In the lead qualification pipe, go to the automation page.

  • Select every time a field is updated as the event.

  • Choose the field "Is this contact sales ready?"

  • Add the condition: "is the contact sales read" is equal to "yes."

  • Now, select the action Update field. Choose the field lead temperature, and the label Hot.

  • Click on create automation, type a name, and save.

Recruitment process

Quickly identify if a candidate is able to fill your job vacancy. For example: if the candidate has more than 3+ years of experience, you want them to be identified as a senior level prospect.

  • Add a new label field to the screening phase form in the recruitment pipe.

  • Close the editor and open the automations page.

  • Select every time a card is created as the event.

  • Add the condition: "previous experience" is equal to "3+ years"

  • For the action, choose update field. Select the label field you've created in the first step, and the option of senior.

  • Click on Create automation, give it a name, and save.

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