The basics of card labels

Add custom labels in cards to categorize and identify them in your pipe.

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If you deal with a high volume of cards in your pipe, try adding labels! They can help easily identify priorities, statuses, requests categories, leads temperature, customer segmentations, types of payment, or anything you want.

You can also use them to filter cards and create segmented pipe reports.

Some of our templates already come with pre-set labels you're able to edit as you need. You also have the possibility to create new and delete unneeded labels as needed.

What does a label look like?

Labels are colored identifiers displayed at the top of closed and opened cards.

  • In closed cards:

  • In open cards:

You can set a different color and title to each one.

How to edit pre-existing labels

Click on tools, and select labels.

Click on the three-dot button next to the label's name. Select edit label.

Now, change the title and color.

Create new labels

Go to tools → labels, and click on create new label.

Give it a name, choose a color, and save.

Delete a label

Go to tools → labels, click on the three dot button and select delete label.

Add a label to a card

Open the card you want to use, and click on add label. Select the desired option, and it will autosave.

It is possible to add more than one label in the same card.

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