How to avoid duplicated cards

Configure unique value fields to ensure your team always works with reliable and the correct information.

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When repeated information is submitted through forms or databases, it is possible for duplicate cards to be created. To prevent people from entering repeated information, you can set up a field that only accepts unique values.

Eliminate duplicates

Unique value fields can only receive information once, considering all data in a pipe or database. It prevents duplicate information from being entered based on the data already entered in your process.

Therefore, unique values provide teams with reliable information throughout the process and save time so you aren’t looking elsewhere for the correct data.

🔔 Attention: you must be pipe admin to configure unique values.

How to create a unique value field

The unique value field is not a specific field, but an option that you enable on different types of fields. Fields that accept unique values are:

  • Short text

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Document ID

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Date time

  • Due date

To enable a unique value in a field, just go to the options for the field itself.

In the form, phase or database, click the three dots button next to the field to edit it. All options related to the field will appear, such as editing the name, description, and mandatory filling. The unique value is the last option:

Click on the icon to enable it. When the button is blue, it means it is active.

You’re all set! Here are some use cases of how this feature may help your team:

  • Recruitment: If a candidate for a job position is already in the recruitment pipeline, another card with the same person's email will not be created.

  • Purchase: If a supplier has already been registered previously, their name won’t be entered twice in your database.

  • IT: Equipment management is easier than ever before. Each piece of equipment with a unique asset number will no longer have duplicate records.

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