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How to import data into a database
How to import data into a database

Transfer data from spreadsheets or other software into database records.

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⏩ Content Summary:

There are two ways to import data into Pipefy databases:

  • Importer App: For data imported from spreadsheets

  • Pipefy’s API or Pipefy Connector for data imported from another software format

For either option, the first step is to create a database connection between the data and the pipe that will display it.

🔎 If you need a refresher course, check out this tutorial to learn how to connect pipes and databases.

The second step is to choose how you will import the data: the Importer App, API, or Pipefy Connector.

Importer App

You don't have to know how to code to use this feature. Enable the Importer app in your pipe, then upload the Excel file (.xlsx format).


This feature requires some coding background. Use Pipefy's API to transfer information from external software and to automate tasks, such as updating multiple records.

Pipefy Connector

This is a custom integration, so it requires some coding background. We use Workato to connect Pipefy to other software like Google Sheets or Salesforce.

  • This function is available to Enterprise and Unlimited plans only

  • Who can use it: anyone with Workato credentials

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