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Users often ask whether it's possible to import data from external sources into your team databases on Pipefy. 

Pipefy currently offers native information importing feature, but it can be found only inside the Pipes. Therefore, to import data to your Database, you need to have it connected to a Pipe. See our article "Create and enable connections" to learn how to connect your database to a pipe, and then enter our step by step on How to import register to databases.

It's also possible to use our API to import data from spreadsheets (google sheets, for example) to create records in a database. You can export data from your Database in Excel format if you wish. Just click on the icon in the upper right corner of the Database, and in a few moments, the information will be ready to download.

Click here to access our API documentation to learn more about it or ask our support team via the in-app chat.

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