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How to create an automation for when all connected cards are moved from one phase to another
How to create an automation for when all connected cards are moved from one phase to another

Learn how to set up automations for connected cards to create an efficient and agile workflow.

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🔐 Available for all plans

🎯 For those who want to create automations for well-built existing processes

Pipefy connections are especially useful for sharing data across multiple connected processes and providing visibility to people across different teams. For example, connecting information between the recruitment process and the employee onboarding process because data from one pipe is needed to feed the other pipe.

It's possible to create various scenarios among the automations that can be configured related to connections. Like when all connected cards are moved to a specific phase of a connected pipe), a specific action happens.

One application for this scenario is when all the steps of a demand are completed, an email is sent to notify those involved.

Before configuring the automation

Before starting, make sure the pipes are properly connected. For this type of automation, it's also important to understand the concept of parent and child cards and how they relate to each other.

Below are some examples of parent and child cards for different departments and processes.

Sales Department:

  • Sales Funnel → parent cards

  • Lead Qualification → child cards

Human Resources Department:

  • Employee Onboarding → parent cards

  • Recruitment → child cards

Purchasing Departments:

  • Purchasing Process → parent cards

  • Accounts Payable Process → child cards

🔔 Attention: For the automation to run without errors, the phase the cards are in must allow them to be moved to the destination phase. If the phase has mandatory fields, they must not be empty. If they are, they will prevent movement.

How to configure an automation

Click the Automate button located in the upper right corner of the pipe. Then Create Automation.

On the left side, choose the option All connected cards are moved to a phase. Next, define the pipe and the phase in which the automation starts. In this scenario, that will be when the child cards reach the Doing phase.

On the right side, choose the trigger Move the parent card and set the desired phase. For example, when all connected cards are moved to the Doing phase, we want the parent card to be moved to the Done phase.

After setting the automation, click Create automation, name it, and save it. This setting will cause the parent card to move when all connected child cards reach a certain phase.

We recommend performing a test to ensure the automation is working correctly if possible.

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