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How to create automations when fields are updated
How to create automations when fields are updated

Learn how to create automations for different scenarios whenever fields in a card are updated.

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🔐Available for all plans

🎯For those who want to create automations for well-built existing processes

In Pipefy, you can set up automations for different cases whenever a field is updated, such as sending an email template, moving a card, or updating a field in a card or record. This type of automation is useful in scenarios like:

  • Purchasing Process: When a manager approves the purchase of a certain item, when updating a Purchase approved? field, the card is sent to the next phase, and the person responsible for the purchase is notified.

  • Recruitment Process: After the candidate fills in the requested information through a phase form, an email is sent to the recruiter to notify them of the candidate's responses.

How to create the automation

To get started, click on the Automate button in the pipe's upper right corner. Then, click on Create Automation.

Next, select the option A field is updated on the left side. Select the desired phase and field to trigger the event. On the right side, let's choose the action that will happen. For this example, let's choose the option Send an email template.

There are several possibilities here, so select the one that makes the most sense for your process. Once defined, click on the button Create automation and save it with a name. We recommend that you run a test to see if the automation is working properly.

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