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Pipefy HR Service Delivery: Optimize the collaborators' communication with the HR team
Pipefy HR Service Delivery: Optimize the collaborators' communication with the HR team
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With Pipefy HR Service Delivery, you improve employee communication, orchestrate service delivery in one place, and build data-driven HR operations.

  • Pipefy HR Service Delivery enhances your HR team's results by improving the employee experience, optimizing eNPS, and reducing SLA for service delivery.

  • Unlike other tools, Pipefy offers the opportunity to create and manage most of your HR team's processes in one place.

  • You can integrate Pipefy HR Service Delivery with tools you already use, such as DocuSign, HCM, and Slack.

What is Pipefy HR Service Delivery

You probably use different software for each area of your HR, right? One tool for hiring, another for onboarding new employees, one for HR department requests, and so on.

Furthermore, the HR department receives many messages and handles a massive amount of information daily.

Keeping track of all of this and increasing team productivity is hard when there's no visibility into what's happening in each process.

To solve all these problems at once, we created Pipefy HR Service Delivery!

With Pipefy HR Service Delivery, you manage all processes with a single tool, from hiring employees to offboarding.

In the image below, we illustrate several functions Pipefy HR Service Delivery can bring to your HR operations:

With the tool, you can:

  • Centralize service channels and standardize information receipt

  • Connect people, systems, and strategy to gain efficiency

  • Visualize all HR processes on a macro level and keep control of operations

  • Get precise operational and strategic indicators for informed decision-making

  • Ensure that everyone has the same positive HR experience

How is Pipefy HR Service Delivery different?

Unlike other HR tools, with Pipefy, you can address various HR team challenges with a single tool.

In other words, you no longer need to worry about finding software for each challenge; you can solve most of them with Pipefy HR Service Delivery while integrating it with other tools.

With our HR Service Delivery solution, employees communicate with the HR department through the HR Portal, and requests and processes are consolidated in one repository.

Transform your HR with the HR Portal: a centralized and efficient source of services. In addition to the portal, you can use Pipefy AI to build processes, decipher data, and get instant insights.

By aligning internal and external workflows, your HR team promotes collaboration and eliminates errors.

Personalization is the key factor for this transformation: customize the portal according to your company's demands, creating independent processes that ensure agility and effectiveness.

✨ Get inspired

  • Recruitment & Hiring: Build a more efficient recruiting process and optimize your communication with candidates.

  • Hiring Process: Reuse data collected in the recruitment process and integrate it with Docsign to simplify the admission of your new employees.

  • Onboarding: Intrigue new team members from the beginning, ensure they quickly integrate into the organizational culture, and understand their main responsibilities.

Advantages of Pipefy HR Service Delivery

Pipefy HR Service Delivery reduces problem resolution time, connects systems, provides greater visibility into request status, and enhances employees' experiences with the company.

Moreover, the platform serves as a self-service portal for employees, giving them greater autonomy to access important information, make requests, and track the status of their requests.

The centralization and automation of processes increases agility and quality in HR activity execution, improving the overall employee experience.


With our HR Service Delivery solution, you enhance various HR metrics. Check out some results from our clients:

  • 150% improvement in SLAs for employee requests

  • 60% faster processing of requests

  • 75% fewer errors in processes

  • 80% reduction in onboarding time

  • Over 700 hours are saved per month through automation

  • 46% reduction in manually written emails

How to integrate Pipefy with other tools

Connect your HR process with other tools to unify your operation, and don’t miss any important information.

Pipefy connects with many other systems, applications, and databases through native integrations, connectors, or public API. It also offers customizable integrations.

See the most common HR integrations below:

Your processes are secure in Pipefy! Our team is dedicated to security issues; we conduct constant training and internal and external audits, keeping the tool completely secure for companies of all sizes and sectors worldwide.

Pipefy meets industry standards for security and privacy, including SOC2 and ISO 27001. Built-in features include 256-bit data encryption, SSO, 2FA, and multi-level permission management.

The Pipefy compliance team ensures that LGPD and GDPR are strictly followed and users' data is secure.

🔎 Learn more about security and privacy data in Pipefy.

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