What are portals
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🎯 For those who want to centralize and standardize requests in one place


Make the most of your portals by customizing, adding forms, and sharing them with the right people. Learn how to:

  • Use forms in portals to collect standardized, centralized, and secure information.

  • Customize portals with your company’s visual identity.

  • Share portals with the right people publicly or internally.

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The basics about portals

Portals cluster and organize all of your company’s forms in one place so that employees, clients, and other stakeholders can make different types of requests. Learn how to create and edit portals.

Get inspired:

  • Human Resources: Group vacation request forms, job openings, HR requests, and create a self-service portal for employees.

  • Finance: Group purchase forms, accounts payable, and reimbursements in one standardized and secure place.

  • IT: Group IT ticket forms, change management, and other services to create a request portal. You can also build a portal with forms from all departments to create a unified portal for the company.

Customize your portal’s appearance to suit the needs of your users. Each portal has its own link that you can share with internal and external users. Learn more about customizing.

💡Tip: You can customize your portals with your company’s visual identity. Add a logo, change the background image, and add forms and instructions so your requesters have the best possible experience.

Add a star to forms to place them in the top positions within a portal. Place your cursor at the top right of the form, then click the star icon.

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