What are Portals?
Group and organize forms in a single place, so employees, clients, and other stakeholders can make requests.
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Portals group and organize different forms in a single place, so people from your team and stakeholders can make requests.

Their appearance can be customized, and they have a unique URL address that you can control the privacy and share with your stakeholders.

This means you can use this feature to create self-service portals, one for each department of your company.

📌Find more detailed information about how to create Portals.

You can also favorite a form, so it appears first in your Portal.

Practical examples

Human Resources

Gather forms from different HR processes, such as Requests, Job Openings, and Employee Onboarding.

This is very useful if you have several pipes for specific demands, such as Vacation Requests, Payroll, and Benefits, for example.


Use Portals to group finance request forms such as Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Expenses Reimbursements.


Create a self-service portal for your clients, where they can ask for contract updates, invoices, and others.

Find more instructions about Portals in this video:

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