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👤 For super admins

🎯 For those looking to add an extra layer of security and governance over their Pipefy integrations and environment

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By creating a service account, you can add an extra layer of security and governance over your Pipefy integrations and environment. You will have the capability to:

  • Create a unique, separate account for integration purposes.

  • Generate a token with an expiration time.

  • Create a flow to automatically refresh your token when it expires.

What is a Service Account

A service account is a Pipefy account used specifically by software applications or services to authenticate and interact with other software systems, services, or resources. Unlike user accounts, which are typically associated with individuals, service accounts govern automated processes or applications.

Service accounts provide controlled access to resources without human intervention; they are often used in server-to-server communication scenarios in which one system needs to safely and efficiently access another system's resources.

The service account feature enhances security in the Pipefy environment by providing an additional layer of governance. It can also prove invaluable in audits because it provides a clear differentiation between user and integration accounts; this gives users the option to assign dedicated accounts for automated tasks and workflow actions.

Service accounts therefore function as virtual users within the platform, executing predetermined actions autonomously, thus minimizing the need for manual intervention.

How to Create a Service Account

📢Keep in mind: you must to be a Super Admin in your organization in order to manage Service Accounts.

  1. Click on the name of your company or your profile image at the top of the page. Then, click Members and Permissions.

  2. Click on the Service Accounts tab.

  3. Click on Create Service Account.

  4. Enter the account name, this will be used to create the email address and must contain at least 20 characters.

  5. If you’d like, add a description; there is a 140 character limit.

  6. Define the role that this account will have within the organization.

  7. Define how long tokens generated for this service account will work before they expire. The minimum time is 5 minutes and the maximum is 30 days.

That’s it! After following the instructions, a service account will be created.

📢 Keep in mind: It is not possible to change the expiration time once you have created the service account.

To learn more about using Service Accounts for custom integration authentification of custom integrations, visit our Developers Page.

For information on using service accounts to authenticate Pipefy connections, visit our connector tutorial.

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