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The key to unlocking the full power of the Pipefy platform is your ability to customize your team’s processes. Using the advanced apps and integrations you can power up your processes to boost your performance and save even more time and money.

Most of the currently available apps and Integrations are directly related to a specific pipe, so Pipefy lists these by default in the tools menu in the pipe view:

Automations and email messaging, however, are currently set up at company level and can be accessed via the company dashboard or inside the company settings.

Both of these features are extremely powerful for optimizing your processes on Pipefy and have several articles describing how to use them. 

Email Messaging is enabled by default for all pipes created and allows users to send and receive specific emails regarding cards directly within the card itself. 

If this is not appropriate for a given pipe or process, you can disable this feature on the Email Settings menu in your company settings.

It's important to know that card-based email messaging is separate from another email-related feature you can use to send custom templated emails based on a card’s entry or exit from a phase. Learn more about the process for setting up phase-based email templates here.

Automations ‘listen’ for certain trigger events and programmatically perform actions on your behalf. 

They are useful for many reasons, but in particular are frequently used to pass information and updates between pipes, cards and databases. Whether you seek to perform actions within a pipe or across pipes, you can view, edit and create automations by clicking on the icon in the navigation bar in the left side of your screen.

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