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The key to unlocking the full power of managing processes with Pipefy is your ability to customize your team’s workflows. Using advanced integrations and apps you can power up your processes to boost your performance and save even more time and money.

There are different types of integrations that you can set in Pipefy:

1. Native integrations: the integrations you can do in Pipefy, through the apps menu. Just click on the tools icon in the pipe’s header and select apps to check available apps, such as Calendar, Github, Google Hangouts, Slack and more.

2. Integrations via Zapier / Integromat: with a greater range of integrations than the native integrations, here it’s possible to connect a library of apps to your processes. There is no need for IT knowledge to do the integrations.

3. Integrations via API: more complex integrations that use Pipefy Public API. However, it is necessary to have a dedicated team of developers to code the connections.

4. Custom integrations: users of the Enterprise plan can request customized integrations according to their needs, connecting hundreds of tools and software with Pipefy.

Keep in mind that with customized integrations there are countless possibilities to make your processes better, connecting them to the tools you already use in your activities. If your company is on the Enterprise plan, you can fill out this form to request custom integrations.

As you can see, apps and integrations match different situations. Here are some examples of how to use them in various departments:

Customer Services

By using Apps and Integrations, you can connect Pipefy with any CRM or other software. This way, it's possible to eliminate the manual work and automatically:

  • Segment clients by payment tiers and easily visualize your customer base through lead scoring;

  • Send (or receive) follow-up emails, customizing the content according to your team's or clients' needs.

Also, gain time to focus on building rapport with your customers, as well as increasing possible account expansions through a great relationship.

Human Resources

Concentrate efforts on recruiting the best talents for your team! By integrating Pipefy to any other ERP or HRIS software, you can increase your Human Resources processes' efficiency.

You can do so by letting your team focus on more valuable and strategic tasks, instead of manual labor, which would take more time than needed, such as:

  • Updating openings in your company's website and letting possible talents aware of what your company is looking for;

  • Send (and receive) feedback from both current employees or candidates;

  • Collect signatures and feedback from employees without sending numerous emails.


Never pay more than you need due to taxes or penalties! Gain more time to analyze key metrics, identify possible bottlenecks in your accounting process, and to evaluate the team's performance in periods of time. By integrating Pipefy to any other ERP or accounting software, you can:

  • Automatically organize invoices and send receipts to customers, employees or suppliers;

  • Create audit trails without missing any kind of information or details from your activities;

  • Set payment due dates to pay every request in the needed time, avoiding extra costs.

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