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Automatically define an assignee

Expected results:

Save yourself several hours of work by automatically routing tasks to your team members based on predefined rules. 

What is this useful for?

You can rest easy knowing that it’s effortless to define a responsible for all cards as soon as they are created.

Before you get started you'll need to:

  • Create an assignee select field in the first phase of your pipe (you can add it to the start form if you wish, just make sure it can be  edited in other phases);
  • Determine your criteria for assigning cards to specific users (priority, type of task, etc.)

How to:

  • Access the automation section by clicking on the automation icon in the sidebar (left side of your screen);
  • Click on 'Add new automation';
  • The event you'll use is called 'when a card is created' in pipe team task management and we'll add the condition to the automation. 
  • Suppose our criteria is priority, in that case, when a card is created,  the selected priority would be critical.
  • The action will be 'update a field's value', choose the assignee select field and establish who these overdue tasks will be assigned to.
  • This is what the automation will look like. Name it,  save it, and from now on, every time a critical task is created in the task management pipe, it'll automatically be assigned to Darth Vader.

You can create as many automation rules as you need to assign tasks that meet specific criteria to specific users in your team.

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