How do I set an automation to move cards

Improve your information management along a process with Pipefy’s automations.

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Pipefy’s automations enable you to move cards from one phase to another automatically. This is a good practice to avoid losing information during the process.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1

Access the pipe you want to run the automation, and click on the Automate button, located in the upper right corner. Click on Create new automation.

Step 2

For your automation to work, you need to select an event to trigger an action. In this case, choose the event when A field is updated and then the pipe where the automation originates.

Step 3

Add a condition to trigger the automation. For example, in a Purchasing Process, it could be a person on the team who will approve a purchase requisition whenever the amount is greater than US$ 1,000.00.

Step 4

After choosing the condition, select the action Move a card to the phase where the other pipe member will receive the information they need.

Step 5

Review your settings and click on Create Automation to save it. You can turn automations on and off anytime you need it by clicking on the switch button.

📌 Attention: Consider the number of automation jobs while setting up automation rules. Each Pipefy plan has its automation job limits. Learn how Pipefy counts automations in your plan.

Tip: Automations for updating cards and database records

Besides automations for moving cards, you can create automations to update cards and database records according to your rules. Whenever a specific action takes place, data on a card or record is automatically updated. See how to create card or record update automations.

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