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Pipefy's Automations allows you to move cards from one phase to another automatically. This is a good practice to avoid losing information and/or missing due dates.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1

Access the pipe you want to run the automation, and click on the Automations button, located in the upper right corner.

📌 On the automations page, you can only access those inside the chosen pipe. To visualize all automations from all your company's lines, you must be an administrator. Learn more about company members and permissions.

Step 2

Click on Create new automation, select the pipe and choose an event to trigger it. This trigger can happen based on conditions. We will explain this in the next step.

First, select When a field is updated as an event.

Step 3

Now let's add a condition. This feature helps you to create a more specific trigger.

For example: when the answer to a certain field is marked as "yes," you want to automatically move a card to the "Finished" phase.

To do this, click on Add condition → select the field → is equal to → yes.

Step 4

After choosing the condition that will trigger your automation, select the action Move card to the phase and where you want to move it, in this case, the "Finished" phase.

Step #5

Review your settings and click on Create Automation. Give it a name and save it.

You can turn this automation on and off anytime you need it by clicking on the switch button.

🔔 Attention: An automation job is counted by Pipefy whenever the conditions to trigger an automation are checked (whether the conditions are met or not). This verification step is considered an automation job and counted as such.

For example, if you set up a rule for a card to automatically move to a specific phase but all the conditions are not met, the automation will not occur but the action to verify will be counted as complete.

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