Pipefy's Automations allows you to move cards from one step to another automatically. 

If you haven't had the chance to read our article on contexts where this kind of automation might be useful and would like to get inspired, read it here

How to:

Step #1

Access your Dashboard, click on the Robot and create a new Automation

Step #2

For your Automation to work, you will need to choose an event that will trigger an action. This trigger can happen based on conditions.

In this case, choose the event When a field is updated and the Pipe where this information is contained in.

You can choose more than one field. 

Step #3

Add a condition that will trigger the automation of your cards. 

Eg.: It can be specific people assigned to approve a request or a Total Price greater than 1,000, for instance.

Step #4

After choosing the condition that will trigger your Automation, select the action Move card to the phase in which the other member of the Pipe will receive the information they need.

Step #5

Review your settings and click on Create Automation to save them. 

Don't forget to name it so you can find it easily in your Automations panel.

For instance:

  • Name of the Pipe > Trigger > Action

  • HR Pipe > Candidate #1 is hired > Move to Onboarding 

You can turn this Automation on and off anytime you need it. 

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