How to sort your pipe's cards

Learn how to display a phase's cards in a pipe according to your needs.

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Your pipe, your way to organize cards!

In Pipefy, it's possible to sort a phase's cards based on:

  • Due dates

  • Card creation date

  • Last time a card was updated

  • Alphabetically, ranking a card by its title;

Or, you can do it manually, if you prefer! Just make sure to select the option that best suits your needs.

How to sort cards in Pipefy:

If you are the pipe Administrator, all you need to do is access a pipe of your preference and click on the three dots icon next to a phase's name to sort cards.

Then, select sort phase's cards and select an option that best matches your needs. And you're done!

*It's not possible to sort cards in bulk in a pipe (you can perform it phase by phase).

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