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What is a Pipe?

Your company's processes are represented by pipes. Pipefy allows you to set up pipes for almost every process in your company - such as purchase requisitions, customer support, sales, etc.

The standard pipe view is a kanban, but you can switch it to a list if you prefer. Click here to learn more.

Every pipe starts with a start form, which is what you'll use to manually input information into your process. 

Pipes are divided into phases, they represent the steps in the execution of your process. Each column is a phase and each phase, as well as the start form, is made of fields, that represent the execution rules of your process.

To make your life easier when setting up your processes, Pipefy offers you a range of pre-designed process templates you can customize according to your needs. 

You can even choose to start a brand new process from scratch. If you want to learn how to do this, get the 411 by checking out the tutorials collection.

If you would like, watch a tutorial video!

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