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In Pipefy, each of your company's processes is a pipe. Each pipe contains several phases that represent a different step.

Phases may have descriptions, SLAs, assignees, and much more data according to your workflow needs.

In this article, you will find how to create and customize these phases.

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  1. How to create a phase

  2. How to move a phase

  3. How to edit a phase

  4. How to delete a phase

1. How to create a phase

You can add as many phases as you want to keep your processes organized and error-proof.

To create a new phase between two existing phases, click on the plus sign button.

To add a new phase at the end of your pipe, click on the new phase button.

Give it a name and save it.

You can also add a new phase to your process using the flow tool.

2. How to move a phase

You can move a phase to the right or the left. Click on the three dots button and select the direction.

Or, use the flow tool.

3. How to edit a phase

To edit a phase's settings, click on the gear button.

Here's what you can edit from your phase settings:

  • Phase name: Displayed in the pipe dashboard.

  • Color: Using different colors for each process may help your team to identify them faster.

  • This phase is an end of the process: Mark it if the phase corresponds to the end of your process. When you move cards to this phase, they'll be considered finished/inactive and will no longer trigger any alert.

  • Allow creating cards in this phase: Usually, we use the Start Form button to create new cards in the first phase of your pipe. But, you can add more buttons to create new cards in other phases. Select this option if this is the case

  • Assignees: Select one or more users to assign cards to them automatically. When this option is active, it'll remove any previously added assignees and replace them with new ones. Leave it blank if you don't want to assign anyone.

  • Description: Add a short description for this phase to display it at the pipe's bottom Kanban view. t can also be edited directly in the pipe, just click on the phrase's description and write your version.

  • Late alert: Define a maximum time (SLA) for a card to stay in this phase.

📌 Read this article to learn how to add fields to a phase and edit them.

4. How to delete a phase

There are two ways to delete a phase:

  • Click on the three dots button and select the Delete phase.

  • Or go to your phase settings, scroll down, and click on delete this phase.

⚠️ When you delete a phase, all cards, data, and previous settings will be lost.

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