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Pipe admins can set rules according to which the cards in all phases a pipe will be sorted.

As a standard, cards in a pipe are sorted by creation date, the newest ones go on the bottom. To select a different rule, first you'll need to access your pipe settings to enable this feature.

To access the pipe settings, open the pipe you want to edit then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your pipe's dashboard.

After opening the pipe settings, scroll down until you find the sort cards option and turn it on:

You can select to sort cards by due date, card creation date, date of the last update or alphabetically based on the field used as the card title. All rules can be applied in an ascending or descending order.

Once you select how you want cards to be sorted and save, the changes will be applied to all cards in all phases and, once a card is moved into a phase, it'll automatically be sorted according to this rule as well.


  • Only pipe admins can change the sort cards settings;
  • Once established, the rule will be applied to all cards in all phases;
  • The alphabetical sort only works for the field used as the card's title;
  • Users can't set different rules for each phase or user. Ex. If you select to sort cards by due date in ascending order, all cards in all phases will be reordered according to this rule and the pipe view will be the same for all users (according to their permissions).
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