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What are pipe views?

Pipefy offers you the possibility of alternating between two pipe view options: you're able to view your process as a Kanban board, or as a simple list. 

The data you'll see on your screen will be the exact same, just formatted differently. You can regularly switch back and forth between the views without changing your pipe at all. 

However you want to see your pipe data is up to you, and will not affect the other members of your team.


Kanban is the original pipe view. Kanban is a Lean methodology tool that allows you to clearly visualize your workflow, where you are and where you must head. 

The cards are work items that move laterally through phases, each with their own requirements and actions. The Kanban method excels in visualizing work, standardizing processes, limiting work in progress, identifying bottlenecks and enabling fast and easy improvements to any process. 


The list view simply takes all of the information that is contained and displayed in the Kanban view and reorganizes all of those cards into a no-frills stacked list of information. 

This view is for those pipes that have a large number of cards allowing for more information displayed in a single screen. 

How to switch views?

Switching views is super easy. Open a pipe, click on the view name you have active (in the upper left corner of the screen, under the name of the pipe) to open a dropdown list. Click on the name of the view you want to switch to and you're done!

The last view used in a pipe will be automatically selected as the standard when you come back to that specific pipe. The view you select will only be applied to your navigation, it won't affect how others view this pipe.

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