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In Pipefy, you can create as many pipes as your company needs and control who can access each one of them.

To invite new members to a pipe, open it up, and click on Members in the header's upper right corner.

Then, select Invite team members.

Type their email address (or their username, if they are already on Pipefy). If it's correct, you will see a profile icon. Click on Add.

The next step is to define their permission level, which include:

  • Pipe member: can create and edit cards on a pipe

  • Pipe administrador: can create and edit cards, plus manage the pipe's settings

  • Read only: can view all cards and leave comments

  • Restricted view only: can create cards and edit/view only those created by them.

  • Start Form only: can create cards and nothing else

You can add a member to more pipes at the same time. On Choose Pipe, click on Add pipe, and select an option.

You can also send them a custom message. Just type it under Add your message.

To complete this task, click on Invite.

📌 Attention! If you can't see the Members button, contact your company administrator. There's a company setting that establishes that only company admins can add new members to a company’s account.

Any users you invite that are not yet members of your company will automatically be added to it when you invite them to your pipe, making them eligible for your company's charges (click here to learn more about our pricing policy).

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