What is a Pipe?
A Pipe enables you to manage an entire process in one place, with complete visibility of people and information.
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A Pipe represents a process in your company.

You can create Pipes for almost any operation, such as Recruitment, Expense Reimbursement, Customer Support, and much more.

A Pipe is divided into Phases, which represent different steps of your workflow.

Each Phase contains execution steps that your team must follow in order to move demands, tasks, requests, orders, (or whatever other activity) from one to another.

Process Templates

You can create a Pipe from scratch, which means you can add and structure Phases from zero.

Or, you can start managing a Pipe by choosing a plug-and-play template in Pipefy's Template Gallery. Templates are fully customizable, and you can adapt them to your team's needs.

Start Form

Every Pipe has a Start Form. With it, you can collect intake from stakeholders to start running your process.

Customize the form with different field types, and easily share a public version of the Start Form through a link.

The public version of the form is what we call a Public Form. As stakeholders fill out its field and submit information, their intake becomes new Cards in the Pipe.


Invite people to work with you in a Pipe.

You can set different types of roles for each team member that joins your process, and easily collaborate without leaving Pipefy.

Join the Pipefy Community to share feedback about our product, ask questions, and stay on top of what's new. Learn to use all the features of our platform in free courses at Pipefy Academy.

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