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On Pipefy's Business, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans, you can set different permission levels for people related to your business, such as employees, suppliers, or customers.

Each user type has a different permission level, which authorizes them or not to perform certain actions.

This feature gives you full control over who sees and accesses your company information, making your process safer.

The permission levels are:


  • Has access to all pipes (processes), public or private.

  • Can create new pipes and databases.

  • Can access and change company settings, invite new users, manage their permissions, or delete them.

  • Has access to Admin Portal.

Intended for those who occupy leadership positions, for example.


  • Has access to any public pipes, and creates or edits cards within them.

  • Can view and access private pipes they have been invited to.

  • Can create new pipes and databases.

  • If the super admin allows it, members can delete cards, set automations, and invite new users to the company's account.

Intended for those who are in management or operation positions and can access company information, for example.

Company Guest:

  • Can't see or access any pipes, but can create cards through the forms enabled by the administrator.

  • Can't view the company's members list.

  • If the administrator allows, company guests can create pipes.

  • If they create pipes, they automatically become a member of the company.

Intended for employees with restricted access to information, for example.

External Guest

Intended for people who are not part of the company, but can request demands, such as customers or suppliers, for example.

Differences between the permissions levels

This table shows what each permission level is allowed to do inside Pipefy:



Company guest

External Guest

Invite new members to the company

Detele other users

Define permissions levels to other users

Modify company settings

Access public pipes

Access private pipes without being added

Create new pipes

Access public forms

Access private forms

Create cards

Edit cards

Delete cards they've created

First steps

To add new people to your company or change permission levels, click on members in the header Pipefy's homepage.

Click on invite team members to add new users or click on the dropdown menu in the type column to change their permission level.

📌 Business, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans are calculated based on the number of company members. Each new admin or member generates a new charge. Guests users are free of charge. Learn more about Pipefy's Pricing Policies.

Also, the members' management of a pipe is done separately from the members' management of the company. You can choose who will access each pipe and what the access level of that person will be. Learn more about pipe's members and permissions.

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