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What are fields in a phase or a form
What are fields in a phase or a form

Fields keep all the information you need to your workflow and can have various formats.

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Fields are elements that together make up your pipe.

Fields appear in start forms and phases of a pipe and can have different formats, such as selection buttons areas for entering numeric values, ​​or short texts, just to name a few.

You can create as many fields as you need for your process and edit them however you like. But to edit the fields, you’ll need access as a pipe administrator. Learn more about pipe members and permissions.

What are fields for?

A field represents your process execution rules and defines what each member of your team needs to do in each phase.

When a field is marked as required, the card can only move to the next phase if it is filled. This ensures your process has all the necessary information and helps avoid any setbacks.

Learn more about fields:

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