How to share forms?

Securely collect information from specific people.

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Most inputs in a pipe come from forms. By sharing it with stakeholders, you collect the exact information you need to move on with the process as it flows along.

Start form

The start form is used to begin a process. The information you or your stakeholder provide becomes a card.

  • You can find it by clicking the + plus icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Share the start form

You can share the start form from the start form button or by clicking on Share Start Form in the pipe's menu.

You can enable the public version of the start form and copy its link for anyone to access (more details).

Company form

Differently from the public form, you can define who can interact with the form, based on their roles and permissions.


Administrators, Members and Company Guests

  1. Administrators can edit the form and share it with others

  2. Members can access and edit the form if they have this permission

  3. Company Guests can view and submit information through the form, but they can't edit it. As an Administrator invites them to the pipe, company guests become part of the team

  • Copy and paste the link under the sharing options to share the company form.

Sharing options are great for teams with many people involved.

They help secure things by ensuring only the right people can see and work with your information.

External Guests

People who aren't part of your team can use the form to send you information. They can only see what's in your pipe if you invite them to your team.

Public form

A public form is the public version of the start form. You'll get a link to share with anyone as you enable sharing it.

For a detailed tutorial, read the article on how to customize a public form.

Share the public form

To get the link to the public form:

  1. Click on Form, at the top of the screen

  2. On Share, enable the public version by pressing the switch button

You'll get a unique link to the form, which your stakeholders can access.

Or, enable the public form by clicking Share Start Form, located at the pipe's menu.

Only pipe Administrators can edit forms.

Allow people with other roles to edit the start form on the Admin dashboard.

Phase form

You can share a form that's specific to a particular phase. When you turn on this feature, you'll get a link you can easily share with a stakeholder.

Any information they enter into the form will automatically fill out the fields for that phase.

For a detailed tutorial, read the article on how to share phase forms.

The link to the phase form is available to anyone. To ensure only authorized people can access it, they must confirm their email addresses before interacting with the form.


You can also share a phase form as a task. Think of it as a form you send someone through an email template.

When they click on the task, they will go to a unique portal to see all the tasks they need to complete.

For a detailed tutorial, read the article on how to create and receive Tasks.

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