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Customize Portals with your company's identity
Customize Portals with your company's identity
Use official logos and images to ensure your Portals are recognizable and trusted by clients.
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With Portals, your company's internal clients can easily submit requests. They'll know exactly where to go and what information to provide, ensuring accuracy and security.

To help them recognize where to make and track requests, customize Portals with your company's logo and images.

It creates a sense of familiarity and reinforces your company's visual identity.

The images you add to Portals also reflect on Requests and Tasks pages.

The Requests page helps them keep tabs on their requests, while tasks remind them of any pending information needed. It's a straightforward way to manage requests and stay connected with stakeholders.

Add a logo

Anyone with access to your Portal or specific Portals (that you define) can visualize your company's branding. To change its appearance:

1. Click on Customize, below your company's logo.

By clicking, you'll be able to change customization settings. It's where you'll change your Portal's appearance.

2. Add a logo by uploading an image from your device

3. Give it your look by adjusting its size, zooming in and out, then Save as you're done.

Add a background image

1. Choose an image file from your device

2. As you're done, images automatically update in your portal.

Can't upload your image?

Try changing the image's format to JPG, GIF or PNG.

If the image's resolution exceeds 2MB, upload a smaller file.

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