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How to create and edit database forms
How to create and edit database forms
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👤 For database admins

🔐 Available on all plans

🎯 For those who want to store standardized information in their databases


Learn how to make the most of your database forms, customize them, and share them with the right people:

  • Use start forms to collect information and create records

  • Customize fields based on your needs

  • Share forms with the right people, externally or internally

What are database start forms

Use start forms in databases to collect the necessary information to create records in a standardized and secure format.

🎥 Check out this video about databases:

Collect information to create records

Each database has a start form in which you collect the information necessary to create records.

For example, in team member’s databases, the form collects information about your company’s employees, including full name, birth date, and position. In vendor databases, you can collect corporate names, addresses, sales team contacts, and other important data.

Once you send the form with all the correct information, it becomes a record.

To access the form, click the blue button with the plus sign (+) at the bottom of your database.

How to edit the form

You can customize the form and adapt it according to your process’ needs. Click on the Edit form to access the editing page, where you can add new information, change the order, or delete fields.

To add new fields to the form, hold and drag fields to it. You can edit or reorganize them according to what makes the most sense for your process.

💡 Tip: Make sure all the information needed to create the record are available in the form clearly and objectively. Customize it with different field types that can be mandatory or optional. Set up conditionals to show or hide information according to the information the user fills in.

It is also possible to access the editing page by clicking on the gear at the top of the database.

📢 Keep in mind: You cannot create cards on the editing page. To do that, return to the pipe and use the blue button with the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the database.

How to share the start form

You can share your start form with other users.

To make your database form public, follow these steps:

  1. Click the blue button with the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the page to open your database form.

  2. Click Share Start Form.

  3. Then, click the on/off button. If the button is blue, it is because the form is already public. Click again to return to the private mode (gray button).

  4. Copy the public link and share it with whomever you’d like.

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