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Meet Pipefy: a platform of process automation
Meet Pipefy: a platform of process automation
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Pipefy is the safest and easiest way to increase efficiency in your company:

  • Create, automate, and measure processes simply and safely

  • Use our artificial intelligence (AI) to create processes and pull data from pipes

  • Connect processes like purchasing, accounts payable, or hiring with employee onboarding

  • Integrate the tool with other systems

What is the Pipefy platform?

Pipefy is a platform that automates, integrates, and measures processes safely.

With Pipefy, you ensure better and more trustworthy governance over your operation; you can customize any business process, no matter what department.

Additionally, teams have the autonomy to customize workflows to their needs easily and intuitively using AI to help create processes and analyze results.

With Pipefy’s AI feature, you don’t have to specify all the details of a process (also known as a pipe here at Pipefy); the AI asks all the necessary questions to build it.

Pipefy’s AI feature allows you to quickly execute tasks that would normally take hours, freeing up your team to do what really matters.

🔎 Get to know Pipefy AI and begin building processes with improved speed and simplicity.

How it works

In Pipefy, you can create a pipe from scratch using a template, or you can use AI, as illustrated below:

After creating your first process, you can connect pipes with databases, automate workflows, create specific conditions for each activity, and much more!

You can also create a portal to centralize all requests in one department. Learn more about portals in Pipefy.

✨ Get inspired

  • Human Resources: Have more control over your HR workflows, optimize communication with candidates and collaborators, and increase process efficiency

  • Procurement: Optimize your procurement flow, facilitate communication with suppliers, and avoid errors

  • IT: Centralize all requests into one repository, save time by using automations, and decrease time spent problem-solving

How to integrate Pipefy with other tools

Pipefy connects with many other systems, applications, and databases through native integrations, connectors, or public API. It also offers customizable integrations.

Check out the most common integrations below:

Security and data privacy

Your processes are secure in Pipefy! Our team is dedicated to security issues; we conduct continual training, along with internal and external audits to keep the platform secure and up-to-date for companies of all sizes and sectors worldwide.

Pipefy meets industry standards for security and privacy, including SOC2 and ISO 27001. Built-in features include 256-bit data encryption, SSO, 2FA, and multi-level permission management.

The Pipefy compliance team ensures that LGPD and GDPR are strictly followed, and users' data is protected.

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