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What are pipes
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🔐 Available on all plans

🎯 For those who want to manage processes in a structured, centralized, and optimized way


Optimize your processes and reduce errors using pipes in Pipefy. Learn how to:

  • Use pipes to manage processes in a structured way.

  • Use phases as steps of the process, and fields help to ensure you have done all activities correctly.

  • Use cards as items to be worked on, like candidates, purchase orders, or tickets.

  • Add people and modify the settings of your pipes to meet your business needs.

🎥 If you prefer, watch this video about pipes in Pipefy:

The basics about pipes

Pipes represent processes in your company. You can create pipes to manage recruitment processes, IT tickets, procurement, and more.

Each pipe comprises phases which represent the steps your team must accomplish to finish the demand or produce an output. You can create as many phases that make sense for your process.

For example, a pipe can hold a phase to evaluate requests, another for your team to execute actions, another to collect approvals, and a final phase to collect finished or archived demands. Learn what phases are in a pipe.

In each phase, you can create fields to indicate the execution of activities. Therefore your team will work on the demands in a standardized, structured, and secure way. Learn more about how to create and edit fields in a phase.

In each process, demands are cards. Each card corresponds to an item to be worked on in the process, following all phases you defined until its conclusion. Cards can be candidates in a recruiting process, tickets in an IT process, or anything else you want to manage. Learn how to manage cards.

You can use a start form to collect all information needed through fields to create cards in a pipe. A new card will be created in your pipe when a start form is sent correctly. Learn more about start forms.

💡Tip: Create pipes using the template gallery with numerous pre-built processes that you can customize. If you prefer, you can also build a new one from scratch.

You can add people with different permissions to your pipes and set them to meet process needs. Learn more about pipe roles and permissions.

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