How to use a card's email box

Send emails directly from a card, and keep track of the responses.

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Sending a message using a card's email box is simple and it will save you a lot of time.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the card you want to send the email from, and click the email icon on the upper left corner of the open card.

2. You can compose a message from scratch, or use an email template.

3. Fill in the fields with the required information:

  • Name: This is already pre-defined, but you can edit it as you want.

  • From: This is also pre-determined and can't be modified unless you have a custom email address setup. It'll show your name and the name of your company and, if you hover over it, it'll display your card's unique email address. Any replies sent to this address will be logged into your card's email tab.

  • To: Add the email address(es) you want to send the email to.

  • Cc and Bcc: Add the email address(es) you want to send the email to as a copy.

  • Subject: Insert a line describing what your email is about, and the recipients will see it in their inboxes.

  • Body: The content of your email where you can add images, links, change its color, font size, attach files, and more.

4. Click on send when your message is ready. The email will be logged in the email tab and, once you get a reply, the response will appear on the email tab as well.

To answer a message you've received, click on reply or reply all, write the email, and send it. It’s also possible to forward your email to someone else.

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