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What is the database?

The database is Pipefy's information storage system. It's like bookshelves where you can store and retrieve important information for your company's processes, such as customer, supplier and product registration.

The Database's Benefits:

  • Centralized and safe - It keeps all your important information stored in a single place, instead of spread all over numerous spreadsheets, softwares and many other unsafe places that may result in you losing essential information without even realizing it;
  • The end of duplicated and outdated information - When you create a Card for a customer, you can search your database and find out if he/she is already registered. Everyone will have access to the exact same information about the customer on the database and it can be updated;
  • 360° view - When you open one of your database's entries, you'll be able to visualize all the actions/cards related to it.

How Can Your Database be Used to Benefit?

The database can be used to make a large number of processes easier! Here are just a few use examples of how this feature can be applied:

  • Sales Management - When using Pipefy as a CRM system, or together with another CRM system, Pipefy’s database can be adopted as your information registration tool of choice - it’ll allow you to keep track of your customer registration, call history, sales opportunities, etc.
  • Fixed Pricing Products - When working with fixed pricing products, using the database as your product registration will allow you to use the information every time you need it as well as keep track of which of your clients is buying what.

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